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Arena di Serdika 🏛️

Culture Zone

  • You are in a culture triangle! 
  • Walk over to the hotel window and inside you’ll find an aphitheater which was discovered in 2004 while they were building a hotel
  • Only in Bulgaria do you continue building the hotel 
  • Across the street is the German Goethe institute
  • There you can find various murals
  • Walk up the stairs and you’ll find 100 Стола (100 Chairs), its a hip art collective which is trying to resurect forgoten urban spaces
  • If you’re lucky there will be a concert
  • Walk in and if you go to the back and stand on the stage, you can see some hidden, inaccessible ruins

Destination # 6🗺️

  • Your next stop is sight of state sponsored artwork.
  • Go up the stairs where the art space is and where you can see the ruins
  • Appreciate the artwork
  • Walk through the alley to the King’s back yard
  • And you’re there!

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