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Dali Alley

Why is Salvador Dali all over Sofia? 

  • This is one of many Salvador Dali replicas in Sofia. 
  • This replica is called Persistence of Time. Three soft watches in the painting symbolize time, which is relative, in movement. 
  • Just like in Sofia where it feels like you have travelled back in time.
  • Did you know a very well-know logo designed by Dali has found its place in the Sofia Urban Art secene?

Destination # 8🗺️

  • Walk down the alley, you will pass the cell Vasil Levski, the most esteemed Bulgarian Patriot, fighter against the Ottomans, spent his last night before his hanging (its the dungeon structure)
  • Turn right and cross the yellow brick road.
  • Your next QR clue could be in multiple locations, look at the picture below for clarity

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